Jamie Peters

Laravel / PHP / JavaScript Developer


Jamie Peters - Laravel / PHP Developer

Thank you for taking the time to visit my personal website, my name is Jamie Peters and I am a passionate, committed and enthusiastic web developer with over 18 years experience in web design and development and I am an enthusiast of the Laravel PHP Framework, along with Inertia, VueJS, and Tailwind CSS.

I am originally from South Yorkshire, but now live in South Cheshire.

My Key Skills

  • Extensive knowledge of Laravel and PHP, including
    • Test Driven Development using PHP Unit
    • Domain Driven Development/Modular Development
    • Strict Coding Standards with PHP CS Fixer and PHPStan/Larastan
    • Experience with Vue, Inertia and Tailwind CSS
  • Experience using Laravel Valet, Laravel Forge, Laravel Envoyer, Digital Ocean, Amazon S3 and Amazon SES

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