Jamie Peters

Laravel / PHP / JavaScript Developer

About Me

Extensive knowledge of the Laravel PHP Framework and writing Laravel Applications in a test driven approach, I have been developing regularly in PHP for over 17 years, and Laravel for 4 years, coupled with HTML, MySQL, SCSS/CSS, Tailwind CSS, JavaScript/Typescript, and VueJS

All of my personal projects are hosted on Digital Ocean with the aid of Laravel Forge, and some also utilise Laravel Envoyer for deployment, and Laravel Horizon for queue management.

My preferred tech stack is Laravel, Inertia, Vue and Tailwind, and my IDE of choice is PhpStorm. You can read more about my tech stack and setup over on my Uses page.

I have a Laracasts forever subscription and regularly access the website and watch all new videos available.

I have some small open source contributions to a few open source packages, including some by Spatie and Beyond Code.