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My Weight Loss Journey

7th January 2023

I have always been a bigger guy, through out my teenage years and early 20s I was constantly gaining weight, before reaching a peak of almost 23st (322lb / 146kg) in 2014. I then decided enough was enough, I'd recently got together with my now wife who had recently lost a lot of weight herself, and I was inspired to loose some myself.

Over the next 10 months, I lost just over 7st (98lb / 44.5kg) getting down to 15st 12lb (222lb / 100.5kg) but I couldn't get any lower, and then over the next 4 and a half years it slowly started piling on again before reaching a peak of 19st (266lb / 120.5kg) in February 2019.

My partner was now a Slimming World consultant, and I would occasionally attend her groups to help out, but not really as a member, but then I decided I needed to sort myself out again, it started slow, and after 12 months I'd finally got back to my lowest ever weight from 2014, but I got stuck again for around 6 weeks, but then, everything changed, along came Covid and the first UK lockdown.

Unlike a lot of other people, who say they gained weight while stuck at home, I didn't, now I wasn't going into the office every day, taking a packed lunch, sneaking off to the shop for a sausage roll, my weight started going again, and within a few weeks I was the lowest weight I'd been since I was a teenager!

My weight lossIn June 2021 I reached my target weight of 12st 7lb, which I wanted to acheive for my wedding which was to be in September that year, and then for the next 2 and a half months I held it at that weight, give or take a couple of pounds, then after a 2 week honeymoon, I'd put on 10lbs.

Over the next 14 months leading up to January 2023, my weight had climbed to 14st 2lb, a lot lower than the lofty heighs I'd been just a few years ago, and if you told me then I'd be 14st I wouldn't believe you, but here we are now, and I'm starting that journey up for a 3rd time, trying to get back down to my wedding weight (but for the time being I'll settle for getting back below 13st 7lb!)

Today is Saturday 7th January 2023, the first Saturday of the year, and Saturday has always been my weigh day, so here we go again, the only way is down!